When to mcm sale Say “No!”

The term “vintage” in the fashion world refers to clothing and accessory that has been reproduced to imitate or emulate a past era. There are quite a few decades that are referenced often in fashion. The 1920’s, for example, can be seen nearly every season in some way whether it is the gorgeous hairstyles, the fierce and elegant makeup styling, or the chic and fabulous dress shapes. Much of this is thanks to mcm outlet Hollywood’s revival of The Great Gatsby. The 1950’s is also a decade that gets brought back in to the current century through high-waisted garments, cotton and linen articles of clothing, and pops of red lipstick. Finally, the 1970’s hippie style is often revitalized through flowy skirts and dresses, long straightened hair, and floral accents.

While the modernizing of many past trends is a wonderful way to make you stand out in a crowd, there are also quite a few trends that should never be seen again, particularly in the handbag department.

Vintage is great, but tacky is not so steer clear of these negative nods to decades past:

Plastic Clear Handbags

These were fun and quirky in the teen years during the 90’s, much thanks to pop idols the Spice Girls. It may mcm bags outlet still be somewhat appropriate for a 13 year old tween to rock these now, but they are anything but age-appropriate. The idea of showing off everything you own in your bag may seem fun, but it looks cluttered and messy.

Logo Covered Handbags

Whether it is a designer or a knock-off, having the brands emblem printed all over your bag is not trendy. It can come across as pretentious and that you are rubbing your wealth in someone’s face, or it can be blatantly obvious that you purchased that from a hole in the mcm handbags sale wall place down the street. No offense to the designers who use that as a marketing tool, but you should not be a walking billboard for what you are wearing.

Mini Backpacks

Another throwback to the 90’s is the miniature backpack. It is argued that it is more conventional and convenient to have one because it is out of the way and you can store many more things in it, but in reality it is the opposite. Due to its small shape and location on the body, it is very difficult to grab anything you need without having to pull everything. It also is a very immature look, brought famous again due to music festivals such as Coachella.

Furry Handbags

Countless fashion designers have used the animalistic style in their handbag designes. Regardless of it being real or faux, this look is something that should stay in the jungle. It is impractical because the upkeep on cleanliness is very difficult due to the material. It also is not something that can be used year round. If you are going to invest in a bag, making sure it will last you for more than a few months is always the best route.


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