Holiday mcm store Break-Ins

The holidays for most of us equals happiness and joy, but for others the holidays equal crime and 5-finger discounts. Most of us know, or have heard somewhere that we need to step up our security measures around the holidays, but the truth is, we shouldn’t wait until the end of the year to do so.

Let start with ourselves. When you go shopping, regardless of where it is, don’t dress so flashy. Why do you need to wear all of your favorite jewelry or your most expensive clothes, shoes, purses, etc.?? You don’t. All it does is let the bad guys know that you are mcm travel bag wealthy and you’ve got plenty to go around. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Why hesitate to notify a security guard if someone looks suspicious? It could end up preventing heartache to you or someone else.

Let’s talk about our vehicles. Try shopping during the day, as it’s a known fact that most crimes take place after dark. Park as close as you can to the front door of your store, or even valet if it’s possible. Which leads me to say, try not to shop at night. And if you must, park near the front of the store and in a lit parking spot. Do you have tint on your windows? It’s a good idea. Don’t bring out loads and loads of presents and mcm crossbody bag bags full of goodies, drop them off in your car, then return shopping. Get a cart. You can even rent them at malls. Keep all of your stuff with you until it’s time to leave. And when you get home, take everything inside. Don’t think for a second that your stuff is safe in your car in your driveway. It’s actually an easier escape for criminals. Why risk going in your home, when you’ve got all the goodies right there in your driveway?

Let’s talk about our homes. Do you have a security system set up? Do you spend money monthly on home monitoring systems such as ADT or Brinks? If you can’t afford it, it’s okay. There are other ways to keep your home safe, such as using sticks in your doors, better locks, and timed indoor and outdoor lights. All of these things can deter a criminal.

So over the years I’ve heard people talk about shopping for Christmas presents throughout the year instead of at once during November-December. Personally, I think it makes you more mcm shoulder bag vulnerable year round. If you bought an expensive gift for someone in July and your house is robbed in August and they burglar takes the gift with them, what good did that do? Look, it’s not a bad idea, shopping year round, just don’t hide all of the presents in one spot. That way, if you are robbed, hopefully the thieves will only make off with one item or so.

During the holidays and really, all year long, we should be doing things to secure ourselves and our assets. has great Tips, Tricks and Ideas to improve your home, business, car and self 365 days a year. Visit it today, bookmark the site and return for all sorts of advice. Afterall, we’re not called Home Security Advice for nothing!


Forty Billion mcm crossbody bag Worlds!

The first exoplanet to be spotted, orbiting a star like our own Sun, was discovered back in 1995. Since that historic finding almost a generation ago, exoplanet discoveries have poured in at a breathtaking pace and–as of this writing–more than 1,000 remote worlds circling distant stars have been confirmed. The search for a habitable planet, like our own world, remains the Holy Grail of dedicated planet-hunters. In November 2013, astronomers from the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Hawaii, Manoa, reported their estimation that one in five Sun-like stars have Earth-size planets with surface temperatures friendly to the evolution of life. Given that about 20 percent of stars are mcm shoulder bag Sun-like, this amounts to several tens of billions of potentially habitable Earth-size exoplanets in our Milky Way Galaxy–alone!

“When you look up at the thousands of stars in the night sky, the nearest Sun-like star with an Earth-size planet in its habitable zone is probably only 12 light-years away and can be seen with the naked eye. That is amazing,” commented Berkeley graduate student Erik Petigura in a November 4, 2013 University of California, Berkeley, Press Release. Mr. Petigura led the analysis of data derived from NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope that arrived at this impressive number of potentially habitable mcm purse Earth-like worlds. Kepler is now unfortunately crippled, with its four-year mission at an untimely end. Nevertheless, it still managed to provide enough precious data to answer its primary research question: How many of the 200 billion stars in our Galaxy could potentially host habitable planets?

“It’s been nearly 20 years since the discovery of the first extrasolar planet around a normal star. Since then, we have learned that most stars have planets of some size orbiting them, and that Earth-size planets are relatively common in close-in orbits that are too hot for life,” explained Dr. Andrew Howard in the November 4, 2013 Berkeley Press Release. Dr. Howard, a former Berkeley post-doctoral fellow is now on the faculty of the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii. “With this cheap mcm backpack result, we’ve come home, in a sense, by showing that planets like our Earth are relatively common throughout the Milky Way Galaxy,” he added.


This plethora of planets far exceeds what astronomers dreamed of before NASA launched Kepler in 2009. The telescope, which is in orbit around the Sun, discovers exoplanets by looking for them as they “transit”–that is, pass in front of–the brilliant, fiery faces of their stellar parents. This transit causes a brief dimming of the parent star’s light. “When I first started working with Kepler right before launch, I thought there would be maybe a thousand planets that Kepler would find,” said Dr. Jason Rowe at a November 4, 2013 press conference, held at the Kepler Science Conference in Moffett Field, California. Dr. Rowe is an astronomer at the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute in Mountain View, California.



Make Brownies Last mcm travel bag Longer

Brownies are one of the most appreciated food gift items. In the holiday season, brownies are a surefire hit. If you are considering mail order brownies then keep certain points in mind. Before sending brownies to friends and family, check the delivery company that will be handling your order. In most cases this will be the post office. Check with them for the best ways to ship. In warm seasons brownies are best shipped overnight in a Styrofoam container where the brownies are surrounded by ice packs. Many shipping companies use dry ice but that may be little mcm crossbody bag expensive.

Tried and tested: If you’re not sure how well you have packed the brownies and how safe they are to ship, you can test the pack at home. Place the brownies in a container and shake it a few times. If the brownies are moving then you have to re-pack. After you have filled the empty spaces, shake it again. When it holds the shape than your shipping consignment is perfect. But before packing mail order mcm shoulder bag brownies, put then in front of fan so that the extra moisture is evaporated.

Baking pans: Most of the breads, cakes and brownies are baked in a foil or light-weight aluminum pan. You can actually ship the food items in them. If you are going to mail brownies, place them in the baking foil; follow the recipe cooling direction and removing the food from the pan. When thoroughly cooled, wrap the mail order brownies in plastic or foil and return to the big shipping mcm purse container.

Wrapping is the key: Place Mail order brownies in aluminum foil or plastic before placing in shipping containers. Wrap each of the brownies individually and for this, small plastic bags will prove to be ideal. Choose the strong cardboard boxes to mail the brownies. To add more safety and insure the brownies are break-proof, place a cushion of crumbled newspaper, paper towels, Styrofoam pellets or unsalted air-popped popcorn in the box and then place in the containers.

The Author is a professional writer, presently writing for Brownies Delivery and Gourmet brownies.


Dieting More mcm travel bag Effectively

Their are plenty of obscure diet plans out there today. Everything from only consuming liquids for a month, to unlimited salad and soup, to just meat and no bread. All of these diets aim to help you loose weight as fast and as healthy as possible, but are they necessary? Should you not eat meat on a diet? Should you only eat soup and salad? Those are up for debate, but one thing that I know to be true is that diets simply do not work. What does work however, is a lifestyle change mcm crossbody bag.

Dieting is a very loosely used term in society today, and although it is possible to loose weight in short periods of time by subscribing to radical diet plans the only plan that really works is a structured diet and exercise plan. For starters many people feel that to loose weight, they must not eat. This is in no way correct, in fact you may actually gain weight from starving yourself. You see, if you decide to stop eating, the body will go into defense mode, and further store fat to ensure survival. Others feel that they cannot eat meat while on a diet because it is unhealthy. Once again that statement is mainly false mcm shoulder bag.

You see, to much of any good thing can and will become a bad thing. It is one thing to take vitamins daily, but taking 10x the daily requirement of vitamins is unhealthy. Eating one cheeseburger for lunch is not unhealthy, eating three however is not. This may seem like trivial information, but its amazing how many people refuse to believe it.

In simple terms, the easiest and most effective way to loose weight and get healthy, as well as the best way to sustain that weight loss over the long term is to change your lifestyle. For starters you mcm purse should try to eat half of what you normally would. If you are eating 2 bags of chips at lunch every day, cut back to one. If you drink four cans of soda per day, try to only drink two. Gradually you will be used to this new you, and you wont crave the additional items that your going without.

Once you have your eating in check it is important to incorporate a daily exercise plan. Start off slow with 10-20 minutes 2-3 days per week, and gradually increase the time as you feel more comfortable. This will ensure that it does not get old and you do not get burned out in the process.

Dieting and exercise are the vital parts to weight loss. However once you have these in check you can add in some extra aspects to get you over humps and keep things interesting. The Hulk Hogan grill [] for instance allows you to cook with less grease and fat. These Hulk Hogan grills [] are only one form of extra options that can be incorporated once you have started to see some results. Whatever you do, be sure to stay consistent and never give up!


Sunflower Seed mcm store Calories

Sunflower seeds are celebrated for their nutritional benefits, and because of this, they are great additions to any diet. Whether you are cooking or eating them as a snack, these seeds are a great addition to any type of meal.

Some people are concerned by the calories in these seeds. Sunflower seed calories can be thought of as high, as one cup has as many as 269 calories. These are good calories – meaning that while the calorie content may be high, they are calories that are used mcm travel bag by the body and will give you a full feeling, compared to empty calories. Empty calories are found in sugary foods and do not help in keeping you feel full, meaning that you will end up eating more food to calm your hunger.

Why then, one may ask, are sunflower seed calories considered good rather than empty calories? For one, these mcm crossbody bag seeds contain a lot of vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps protect cellular and molecular components in the body, such as brain cells, cell membranes and cholesterol. Additionally, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin E can help reduce the symptoms in asthma, arthritis and help with cardiovascular function. They are also high in magnesium and selenium, which also are beneficial to the body.

Integrating the sunflower’s seeds into your diet is easy. For one, you can simply buy a bag of these seeds and snack on them. Because of the higher calorie content, it may be better to measure out portions before eating right out of the bag so you don’t over indulge. If you grind the seeds, you can also use them to marinated meats in mcm shoulder bag replace of flour.

Additionally, you can sprinkle sunflower seeds into various meals to add a unique flavor, as well as receive the health benefits of the seeds. For instance, you can add them to your cold or hot cereals in the morning. Or, if you are making tuna or chicken salad, mix in a handful of seeds for an unforgettable taste.

With some ideas on how to integrate these healthy seeds into your cooking and snacking, it makes it easier to attract on this healthy snack. Whether you eat them as a snack or during a meal, choosing these seeds over other ingredients is a great way to boost up your vitamin and mineral intake without having to alter your diet too much.

More about sunflower seeds on Sunflower Seeds site.


Popcorn in the mcm store Microwave

Do you love finger foods like popcorns? Well, with just the help of your microwave oven, you can make your popcorn and eat them while watching television, partying with your friends, studying, listening to radio or even while surfing the net. Popcorns are easy to make in the microwave oven and here are some popcorn flavors that mcm travel bag can be cooked in the microwave oven.

The Usual Popcorn

Get half-cup of unpopped popcorn, a teaspoon of vegetable oil and ½ teaspoon of salt. Mix the oil and unpopped popcorn in a small box or even in a cup. Then put the covered corn to a brown paper lunch bag and add a little amount of salt. To fasten the items, fold the lid of the lunch bag over twice. Then cook it in the microwave with a power that is full for about 2 ½ minutes. Or it could be until you notice gaps of about 2 seconds between the pops. To avoid steam, be sure to open the bag mcm crossbody bag carefully and put it in a serving bowl.

Try Caramel Popcorn

If you are tired of eating the usual popcorn, try this caramel-flavored popcorn. Get a brown paper bag that is large enough and place the popped popcorn in it. Then put it aside first. Using a mcm shoulder bag casserole dish or any heat-proof glass dish, mix the brown sugar, margarine, salt, vanilla and corn syrup. Heat it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Take it out and stir until you are sure that it is blended well. Put it back in the microwave and cook it for 1 ½ minutes. After removing it from the microwave, stir in the baking soda. You need to pour the syrup on the popcorn inside the bag. Close the bag by rolling the top one or two times and then shake it. Shaking will help in coating the corn. Place the bag inside the microwave and cook it for almost a minute. And then, dump the popcorn on to a waxed paper and cool it until the coating has set. Store it in an airtight container.

Spicy Popcorn

You will need 10 cups of unsalted hot-air popped popcorn, 1 tablespoon of water, 4 teaspoons of margarine, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric, ½ teaspoon salt, ¼ teaspoon of white pepper and 1/8 teaspoon of ground red cayenne pepper.

Just cook all of the said ingredients except for the popcorn. Cook the ingredients in a 6-in nonstick skillet for three minutes or if the margarine has already melted and there is already a bubbly mixture. Pour it over the popcorn and then toss. It’s ready to be served.

These are just few flavors of popcorn that could be cooked. You can venture and nurture or experiment to come up with other flavors. As long as you have the microwave, you would be able to cook popcorn for yourself.

Popcorns are commonly eaten inside movie theaters while watching your favorite movies. But, using a microwave, you can now instantly have popcorns even while you are at home.


Head Lice mcm travel bag Removal

The first step in head lice removal is identifying and making sure it is truly head lice. Adult lice are roughly 1/8 to 1/10 of an inch long and tan to gray in color. Nits are lice eggs and are when when laid but turn a light brown when about to hatch. The nits attach themselves to their with glue about 1/2 of an inch from the scalp. Nits are difficult to pick off whereas dandruff comes right out.

Once you have identified that it is lice its time to go about removing them. There are a few treatments available by prescription which I do not recommend. Not only mcm crossbody bag have lice become resistant to many of these products, they also contain potentially dangerous chemicals and pesticides. If you insist on using one of these products please be sure you follow the manufacturers instructions.

A safer more effective way is to go the natural route. This can involve many things such as olive oil, vinegar, mayonnaise or a formula made up of tree and essential oils. Whatever route you choose you must be sure you remove all nits. This is done using a proper nit comb and being very thorough. Remove lice and nits is a very tedious and mcm shoulder bag you must do it right the first time to avoid re-infestation.

There are steps you must take to remove lice and nits in your home. Those include laundering, vacuuming and combs and brushes.

You need to wash all bedding material in mcm purse your house the infested person came in contact with. This includes bedding, towels and all recently worn clothing. You must use soapy hot water and dry to at least 140 degrees.

You must vacuum all carpets, pillows, mattresses and furniture. Vacuuming is recommended over spraying. Items that cannot be washed and dried need to be put in an air tight plastic bag for at least 2 weeks. This will kill all lice and nits on those materials.

Take all the combs and brushes in your house and soak them in very hot water for at least 15 minutes. One hour would be ideal. Be sure that the infested person in your house does not share any of these items until you are 100% sure they are lice free.

While removing head lice might seem like a long, difficult task, just remember it doesn’t have to be. If done properly you should have no problem in removing these pesky parasites.


Best Playbook mcm crossbody bag Case

Playbook is one of the most unique tablets out there as it runs on QNX operating system, something which was never used on a mobile device. The prices for the tablet starts at 500 dollars which makes it a premium product. So, the first and foremost mcm shoulder bag accessory every smart buyer would buy is a case. I have compared few cases that will surely match your needs.

First is the Casecrown neoprene case. Costing just 15 dollars, it is a twin-zippered neoprene pouch with soft white microfleece interior. It snug fits the Playbook and promises to prevent dust and debris from entering. Second is the Zagg’s InvisibleShield. If you are going to use the playbook in rough environments, this is the case to get. The company has tested it by dropping nails on it and even attacked it by mcm purse heavy duty tools. Even though the shield got scratched up, Playbook remained scratch-less.

Third is the Duragadget Sleeve. If you have been looking for a Playbook sleeve that is compact and not too pricey, then you need to take a look at this sleeve. It uses memory foam to protect your device from bumps and scratches. The exterior of the case feels very durable and even after a month of use, you will not notice any sort of depletion in its material. However, I did find myself wishing for a small pull tab at one of the ends which would have made the case easier to grab when you wish to cheap mcm backpack pull it out from your bag. The case retails for 30 dollars but you can get for as-low-as 11 dollars on Amazon.

Find more galaxy tab Case variety.


Fun Childrens mcm travel bag Party Games

A children’s party would be nothing without enough entertainment, especially since kids pay more attention to how the party is planned and carried out than types of food are being served. Thus, if you want your child’s party to be a total blast, you need to think up fun children’s party games that would have him or her and the guests talking about the event for days.

Just add a little creativity and mcm shoulder bag you can successfully pull off a rocking children’s party. The games suggested here work for almost any kids’ party – not just birthdays. Why, they can even be fun for child-like adults!

Treasure or Scavenger Hunt

Children live for wonder and new discoveries. Why not set up a treasure hunt that would test their analytical and motor skills? Some ideas include hiding goodie bags and handing out mcm purse pieces of paper containing clues on how to find the bags. Draw a map to the “treasure”. Or you can do an Easter egg hunt type of hunt. Hide pieces of the same object all over the yard and let the children look for them.

Pin the X on the X

This game is a staple of children’s birthday parties. This can be pin the tail on the donkey, pin the hat on the sailor, pin the earrings on the queen, or whatever. You can be creative with this portion. These are pin the tail games readily available at party supplies shops, but you can also make these yourself for a more personal touch. Get a cheap mcm backpack piece of poster paper and draw on it, depending on your child’s preference. You can even ask your kid to draw on it prior to the party.


Perhaps one of the most common elements of traditional children’s birthday parties is the pinata. To make one, use a grocery bag garbed with nice and colorful ornaments and paper, and fill with various kinds of goodies and sweets. This game requires space and adult assistance, because it involves the use of a stick. Also, not all pinata goodies need to be edible. You can put in little toys and stickers, and other party favors, as well.

Bring Me

This game is not just for the kids but also for the adults present at the party. The host gathers the children to one area and tells them to bring him or her random things. Adults get to participate because they’ll most likely be the ones supplying the ‘bring me’ items.

No children’s party will be complete without games. Remember, you’re dealing with kids here, so you have to keep them interested and entertained all the time.

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Repetitive Stress Injury – mcm travel bag How It Happens

Repetitive stress injury (RSI) is what is known as a cumulative trauma disorder resulting from repetitive tasks, such as clicking a mouse, or typing keys. It can damage hands, muscles, tendons, nerves and cause weakness, pain, numbness and loss of motor control. We identify many modern jobs as having repetitive stress injury, but truly any job (even professional pianists) has the potential to cause RSI to employees, depending on the nature of the work. Examples of repetitive stress injuries would be neck pain due to reading books while looking down, shoulder strain from carrying heavy laptops or bags, cradling a phone between neck and mcm crossbody bag shoulder resulting in pinched nerve and numbness, or pain in the wrists from typing on a keyboard.

People who experiences this sort of injury often complain of bursts of pain that get worse with activity, often resulting in weakness, lack of endurance and numbness, or muscle spasm. The most common areas to be affected are the eyes, the neck, the back and the wrists/hands.

In order to minimize the impact of the injury on employees, a program of ergonomics should be implemented. Employees should be encouraged to use proper posture, take frequent breaks mcm shoulder bag or even disengage from certain tasks for a period of time to avoid obtaining or exacerbating a repetitive stress injury. Often, people can be taught better techniques for data entry and computer use that limits their exposure to repetitive stress injuries.

RSIs often will resolve themselves with care and the use of proper posture, techniques and frequent breaks; however some RSIs may get worse and require surgical mcm purse intervention for relief.

Additionally, workers who exercise often minimize their exposure to repetitive stress injury, so exercise and frequent breaks where exercise is encouraged is often beneficial and wise. Having a healthy, active lifestyle that seeks to address stress and weight management is another approach that will minimize the effects of the said injury.

If you feel you have a stress injury, be sure to let your employer know about your problem and obtain a referral for medical care. Often, employers will permit you to purchase ergonomic keyboards and office furniture from office supply to keep incidences of this injury to a minimum.

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