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Last evening (September 10th, 2006), the CBS news show, Sixty Minutes, devoted a segment to the medical and financial problems, that people are suffering from, who worked at Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11. A few of these rescue workers have already died – a mere five years after 9/11. Thousands upon thousands more are suffering from severe respiratory problems – that they will never recover from, and will indeed eventually die from.

Common sense alone, would tell anyone – at least anyone without an agenda – that there has to be a connection between the unbelievable number of rescue workers who have already developed respiratory problems (most of the them being relatively young, fit NYC mcm sale firefighters and cops) and the fact that two 110 story towers composed of steel, glass, asbestos – and Lord knows what else – were essentially reduced to dust that hung in the air for weeks.

And if common sense isn’t good enough, medical tests and autopsies have confirmed that connection according mcm bags outlet to Sixty Minutes.

In short, the connection between working at Ground Zero and the ridiculously large number of respiratory problems is an open and shut case – that is, to everyone but the Bush administration.

For many families, their medical problems have led to severe financial problems as well as ‘twilight zone’ government decisions. For example, one worker described how he was denied worker compensation benefits – as pathetically inadequate as those would have been.

It is an absolute moral disgrace how our mcm handbags sale government has abandoned these heroes. And since the entire federal government is controlled by Republicans – the buck stops with them.

The only reason Bush even stood next to the cops and firefighters at Ground Zero for a few minutes, expressing his ‘solidarity’ with them and proclaiming them “heroes”, was for political reasons. That is the only reason Bush does anything. Bush doesn’t, and never did, care about those men and women.

If Bush and the Republicans truly cared about these heroes, they would be outraged by some of the ‘twilight zone’ government decisions that have been made. But they’re not.

If Bush and the Republicans truly cared about these heroes, they would set aside a relatively tiny sum of money and make sure that these heroes at least enjoyed quality medical care for the rest of their shortened lives. It’s not like giving these people quality medical care is going to materially impact the gargantuan Republican fiscal deficits. But there are no plans for that.


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