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Motorcycle luggage is different from the conventional luggage that is carried on trains, flights, and buses. Different types of luggage are available for carrying on a motorcycle. Some are designed especially for this type of vehicle.

A tank bag is designed especially for the motorcycle. The tank bag, as the name indicates, can be placed on the fuel tank of the motorcycle. Many models of tank bags are available mcm online in the market, including tank bags that are expandable. Some of the tank bags have map holders that allow you to place a map on a transparent pouch that faces the top. This allows you to read the map while you drive your motorcycle, without taking the map out of the tank bag. Accessories for tank bags include special straps, slip not tubes, and rain covers.

A saddle bag is another type of motorcycle luggage that is designed exclusively for the motorcycles. As the name indicates, it looks like the saddle that is placed on horses; it actually has two bags that are interconnected with straps. They can be looped back tightly mcm shop to be held in place. Different models and sizes are available, and expandable type saddle bags are also available in the market.

Liner bags are available in different sizes to fit into any soft or hard bag. Liners exclusively for saddle bags are also available. These liners have compartments in them to segregate the items that you mcm backpack small hold in the bags. In some models, a compartment to hold CDs is also available. Rear-seat bags are also available, which can be attached to the rear seat of your motorcycle. Straps to attach them to the rear seat come along with the purchase.

You can have a look at the different models of motorcycle luggage featured on many websites; you can even purchase them online.

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