A Dance For Everyone

Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Chorus, Classical Ballet and even Hip Hop. Whichever one of these dances is for you Bloch offers a range of apparel and footwear for all dance types.

Bloch Apparel includes –

– Leotards in basic, performance and fashion. All of which are available in a range of styles, colours and juicy couture outlet sizes for men, women and girls. So you can find one for every event or occasion.

– Separates such as tutus, flip skirts, mesh dresses, boleros and jazz pants all of which go well with their leotards.

– Knitwear which includes legwarmers, jumpers, cardigans and shorts. To keep you warm during practices or before events.

– Tights like the footless and Adaptoe, which has a hole under the foot which makes them good for swapping between ballet flats and pointe shoes.

Whether you’re looking for a juicy couture outlet online ballet pointe shoe, a dance sneaker or a salsa/ ballroom shoe you can guarantee that Bloch will make one for you. Most of their shoes are suitable for performance, practice and teaching. If you are looking for a certain shoe, for a certain job you can be sure to find the perfect one. All Bloch shoes are available in a great array of sizes and colours in each style. To compliment their shoes they also produce an assortment of foot accessories, for example the pointe pad and cushion, both of which can be cut to size as needed, are washable and re-useable and protect the foot from friction and abrasion associated with pointe work. They also produce a number of stylish yet practical bags to store all your dance equipment, shoes and apparel.

As well as dance products, Bloch additionally has a range of fashion shoes for women, girls and even toddlers, all of which are based on the classic ballet slipper, but have been evolved in some juicy couture sale way to a beautiful fashionable shoe, from simple designs to intricate detailing. All are well crafted to high standards, made of leather and come in many colours, patterns and styles. The women’s shoes are available in European sizes 36-42, girls in 24-38, and toddler’s in 21-26.

Baby Bloch is a collection of shoes for pre walkers. Pre walker shoes are suitable for babies for when they can crawl confidently alone, or are beginning to move around using items like furniture to aid moving from one point to another. They are truly special shoes and come in ballerina, booties, lace-ups and mini taps, inspired by the ladies fashion range and made of luxurious Italian leather. These shoes have been skilfully crafted for protecting your baby’s delicate developing feet and for style and comfort.

The company was originally founded in Sydney, Australia in 1932. Jacob Bloch arrived in Australia at the height of the great depression in 1931. He lived and worked in his shop as he began hand making shoes. He enjoyed watching ballet and visiting dance studios, this is where he came upon a young dancer whom had trouble staying on pointe, he promised the dancer he would make her a better pair of shoes and that is what he did. Jacob’s name soon spread and in the late 1930’s many overseas ballet companies toured Australia including De Basil’s Monte Carlo Russian Ballet. He made customised shoes for many dancers including Baranova and Lichine, to fit their own specifications.

Today the Bloch family still listen intently to the needs of dancers around the world, as they try to design both functional and aesthetically pleasing products.

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