Quality Blanket juicy couture store Chests

The styles and sizes of blanket chests are more diverse than other types of furniture. The reason for this is because these wooden chests have been created by not only by wood artisans who create them for a living, but also by the relatives of young women and young couples who wished to handcraft a special piece of furniture for them. This meant that since these thoughtful relatives,who were not in the habit of creating furniture, made the style and size that they thought would be suitable. Along with that there are countless blanket chest plans offered on juicy couture suit the Internet and elsewhere, usually by wood workers who just enjoy making these plans available. Once again, all of these hope chest plans are not of a ‘standard’ size.

One similar factor of blanket chest design is that the construction techniques used are of superior quality. This is due to the fact that when people decide to craft a blanket chest, they are looking to make a special piece of furniture. Whether it is for a a couple with a wedding in the near future, for a fiancee, a birthday present or as a wedding gift, this present will have special meaning for the person on the receiving end forever. Since these wooden chests will be well loved for generations, the wood craftsmen take great pride in creating finely constructed hope chest juicy couture online furniture using the best joinery methods.

Mortise and tenon joinery is a form of wood construction that has been in use for the last four centuries and possibly longer. The wood worker is able to join the sides of the blanket box without the use of screws or nails with this technique. The addition of glue creates a superior bond that makes the joint as strong as the wood itself in the opinion many wood workers. This method ensures that the hope chest will never split apart, loosen over time or create wood splits like the use of nails and screws ensures. There are a few different styles of this joinery type which allows the pieces of wood to to be joined in an interlocking way. The edges have a smooth looking appearance when the piece is finished also. This makes for a quality looking fine piece of furniture.

Another joinery method that is very popular is dovetail joinery. Many wood artisans prefer this style since the wood juicy couture velour tracksuit edges have more interlocking edges than the mortise and tenon joinery style. This style also shows off the skill of the wood crafter a little more since the interlocking edges are fully visible and all of the wood cuts need to be perfect in order for this method to work. The interlocking sides can be made so that they are visible from the front view or from the side view. This is also a usual wood working method for the joinery of drawers since it creates such a strong bond between the pieces of wood.

There are wood artisans who create blanket chests which are exact replicas of those made centuries ago. They use either of these joinery styles, mortise and tenon or dovetail, along with the original stain or paint colors. Many of these hope chests were painted with beautiful designs while others had engraved designs. The hinges were created using hand forged iron. These wooden chests would not have been made with cedar linings as are the modern styles of blanket chests. People at this point in time would have placed a small bag of dried herbs or cedar chips inside their hope chests to keep it smelling fresh. Many of these older wood chests were inscribed with the name of the person and the date of presentation. Antique chests were also made a little taller than many that are constructed today. These taller blanket chests were set in the front rooms of homes, rather than the bedroom, with the family Bible placed on the top along with a crocheted doily or runner and candlesticks.