Choosing Wedge mcm backpack mini Shoes

A lot is said about the splendid wedge shoes. These are making heads turn, wherever they go. These in themselves, have become a fashion statement. The chunky look of the shoes has its own beauty. It is said that these shoes look good on any one and every one. However, there are a few things that we should take care of, while choosing wedge shoes.

Tips on selecting wedge shoes

  • You can pair these shoes with practically any type of clothing, be it jeans, skirts of varied lengths, pants, etc. But, never wear these shoes with tight fitting clothes
  • These shoes are a boon for women mcm backpacks replica with thick ankles. Very thin ankles will look ill fitted on these chunky heels.
  • You can choose wedge shoes made of canvas with jeans and pants. These are known as espadrilles. There are open toe, closed toe and slip on variety available in these shoes. You can even go for leather wedges.
  • If you are wearing transparent shoe or open toe style of shoes, take care that you have maintained your feet well.
  • If you want to wear these to work, then choose lesser heels and closed toe pattern. Go for tan colors. These mcm backpacks cheap will provide you both with comfort and style.
  • For heavy clothes made from silk, go for designer shoes. Some of them come studded with gems and stones.
  • Straps look good with long length skirt reaching your legs. The ideal clothes for wedges are long flowing skirt, wrap up skirts, bohemian styles, gauchos, jeans, flare bottom pants, wide bottom pants.
  • If you are wearing a skirt, high heeled shoes will look good.
  • Canvas shoes are for casual occasions. They don’t look good on heavy clothes made from silk or on formal clothes.
  • If you are wearing an evening dress, team it up with leather wedges. Shoes with open toes look good with mcm backpacks for sale  evening dress.
  • Never wear these shoes with Capri, pencil skirts and narrow bottomed pants.
  • Go for huge bags to go with your shoes. Oversized jute bags look good with these shoes.
  • Wedge shoes are for summer. Store it securely, after wrapping them in a cover. These can be used in the next season.
  • Flip flops look good on beaches.

So, wear your favorite shoe and make your own fashion statement.

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