Tourist Ideas for mcm backpack mini Kuala Lumper

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia was once the home of many important judicial seats of the government. Most of the branches of government were shifted to Putrajaya in 1999 but some sections still remain in the city. Istana Negara, the formal residence of the king of Malaysia also lies in the city. Thus the city is the cultural and financial capital of the country. Its rating as an “alpha city” of the world makes it an important center of the country. This is a summary of Kuala Lumpur’s most popular tourist venues.

The ancient caves are the attraction of the city. The three major caves along with many smaller ones are the source of attraction for tourists all round the year. These caves serve as a location for celebration of the popular Hindu festival, Thaipusam. Millions of mcm backpacks replica people travel to these caves as a religious serving to Lord Muruga. A golden statue, 42-meter high is located inside the cave.

The pedaling street market in China town is a must-visit for all the shopaholics. The open shops here offer everything from bags to accessories to anything you wish for! Bargaining is a must while shopping here. The different variety of delicious food offered by the city vendors provides a good opportunity for tasting the vibrant food of the place.

Bird lovers can visit the bird park which is a home to more than 5,000 species of birds. A short taxi or train ride can take you to the place. A full-fledged market in the name of “Little India” is mcm backpacks for sale  situated here and a huge number of Indian shops can be found. The KLIA is the world-famous airport which lies 50km south of the Kuala Lumpur city.

Most of the historical buildings lie around a large pastured land called Merdeka square, with Malaysian flags on the flag poles. Malaysia became independent in the year 1957 and the official celebration of the Independence Day takes place here. To know more about the culture and history of the country, one can visit the national museum.

The most spectacular site of the city is the twin-towers standing tall at the height of 456 meters. These two towers are connected to each other through a bridge. A free tour to this sky-high mcm phone case bridge can be taken via the fast elevators. The view of the city from this bridge is magnificent and can be cherished life-long. The good news for the shopaholics is that the bottom six floors of the tower have all the designer shops that one could only dream of!

PWTC is famous for hosting various exhibitions and events related to photography and technology which makes it an interesting tourist attraction.

For speed and racing lovers, Kuala Lumpur is a paradise as Formula one racing is organized every year at the most popular Sepang race track. Many motor sport events take place throughout the year but you really don’t want to miss Malaysian grand prix and super GT championship, which take place on a grand scale. The motocross, A1 GP and Sepang drag battle are other important championship taking place in the country.

The go-kart track is a major attraction for speed lovers to get engaged in racing activities. The speed limits to 80kmh. This experience can be both exhilarating and frightening.

The Golden triangle is another hot tourist spot. Several restaurants with all manners of food can be found here, but the main specialty of the place is seafood.

Just wandering around the street and enjoying the various services offered by the place like foot massage can be a soothing experience. The artists by the street may also offer to draw your portrait.


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