Surf Fishing for mcm backpack mini Pompano

Pompano are one of the most targeted fish by fishermen. Not only do pompano put up a tremendous fight, but they also taste fantastic as well. Pompano are a very mild tasting fish, with an almost clear flesh, great for people who don’t like fish. The average size pompano is around one to three pounds; although the current record for the largest is eight pounds. Pompano are primarily caught off beaches and mcm backpacks replica piers.

One of the most popular ways to catch pompano is from the beach, which is called surf fishing. Surf fishing requires the use of longer than normal fishing rods. In order to reach pompano we use different size fishing rods that range from ten to twelve feet in length, which gives us the ability to cast further out. Pompano can be caught from only a few feet from shore to 100 yards out.

Before heading out, I first have to make up a couple of pompano rigs. The rigs I use are nothing more than a double dropper rig. You can buy pompano rigs that are already made at your local bait and tackle store. Once I have enough rigs, I grab about three lead weights. I prefer to use 4 oz. pyramid weights as they are heavy enough to hold the bottom, and mcm backpacks cheap they allow me to cast further. Next, I grab my 10 and 12 foot surf rods and spool on 200 yards of 20 pound fishing line.

After going through all my tackle, I now begin to load up my truck. First, I grab my beach cart, which holds all of my gear for me at the beach, and place it in the back of my truck. I then grab my big cooler, for all the fish I catch, and place it inside the cart. After the cooler, I place my tackle bag, sand spikes, and rods into the bed of my truck. Now, that everything has been loaded up, I begin to drive to the beach.

Before hitting the beach, I have to make a stop at my local bait and tackle store. I need to purchase some bait, and I prefer to buy sand fleas for pompano. Pompano love sand fleas, but shrimp will also work as well. I also pick up a big bag of ice for the cooler; you want mcm backpacks for sale  to keep fish cool as they spoil in the heat.

Once I arrive at the beach, I begin to unload my truck, placing everything in the beach cart. I then begin to walk down the beach to my favorite spot. When I arrive at my spot, I start off by placing my sand spikes in the sand. Next, I begin to assemble my rods pieces together and thread the line through the guides. I then tie on a pompano rig and attach a 4 oz. pyramid weight. After making sure everything is tied on properly, I grab two sand fleas and place them on the hooks.

Now, comes the time to throw out my lines. I usually throw my ten foot rod closer to the shore, around thirty yards, and my twelve foot rod around sixty yards. After throwing out my line, I reel in the slack line, place the rod in the sand spike, and wait for those tasty pompano to grab the hook.


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