What’s That Stinking Vacuum mcm backpack medium for Anyway?!

You’ve got a closet that’s full of all sorts of things, sometimes, all sorts of junk. Well, if you’re honest, you have one sort of organized closet and another one full of junk. And if you didn’t have enough stuff you don’t need, there’s a huge, awkward vacuum that needs to be hidden in one of your closets. Great!

Why do you even need a vacuum? It never gets used. Only when the kids make a big mess does it come out. And mcm backpack mini that’s only to vacuum up the big mess or to spot vacuum.

The truth about vacuuming is that it helps clean out your carpet. You’re thinking, uh, yeah. I understand that. Well, when you vacuum you pull a lot of big things out of the carpet like crumbs, leaves, hairs, and in my case, sometimes rice. You know, from mcm backpacks replica those awesome rice bags. I really do like rice bags, just not the rice getting in my carpet.

The other thing that it pulls out is dust, dead skin, and smaller particles of dirt. Getting all that stuff out helps the carpet last longer. The reason is because if those large and small things in your carpet stay there, they actually grind down the carpet fibers when you walk mcm backpacks cheap on it. If the dirt isn’t there, because you vacuumed, the carpet doesn’t rub against rough dirt, small rocks, and the other things as you walk on it, but rather it just rubs against itself, other fibers of carpet.

Interesting, huh?

Another reason to vacuum is because it allows the carpet to collect more dust and dirt. So, I’m really saying that it’s good to vacuum so that more stuff can get trapped in the carpet. Carpet actually acts like a filter, trapping dust from the air and dirt from your shoes. Getting the dust and dirt out of the carpet, in between professional carpet cleaning, can be done through regular vacuuming.

So, the next question is, how often do I have to vacuum?

The best schedule would probably be weekly. I personally rarely vacuum more often, so I’m not going to say you should. (Unless you are thinking about how often should we vacuum our business. That depends on the amount of foot traffic you get from customers, vendors, and employees.) For your home it really depends on how many people live in your house and how often those great neighbors of yours come over and visit.

But I would recommend weekly. If you have a room you don’t go in as often, then you can skip that room and vacuum it monthly.

Well, now you know about vacuums, carpet, and how often the two should meet.

Until it’s time to call a good, professional carpet cleaning company, vacuum about once a week.

Vacuuming helps with making your carpets last longer because the hard dirt won’t be in your carpet to wear it down. Regularly vacuuming also allows the carpet to trap more dirt and dust, at least until it’s time to get a good carpet cleaning, which will get a lot more of that dirt and dust out than vacuuming alone can do.

But keep vacuuming!


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