How To Build A mcm shoulder bag Bean Bag Toss

Bean bag toss is a fun game enjoyed by many. The object of the game is to toss a bean bag into a hole or have it land on the wood platform. Depending on the outcome of your throw, your team is awarded a certain number of points. Once a team reaches twenty one points, a winner is declared and a new game can begin. One thing that mcm purse makes bean bag games so great is that it is very easy to build the game yourself.


To build your own game of bean bag toss, you will need wood, a saw, hammer, nails, cloth, and something to fill the bean bags. The wood is used to create the two platforms that will be the focus of the game. Depending on the style of game you want to play, you can cut one circular hole in the wood or two holes. If you only cut one hole in the wood, a team will score three points when their bean bag goes through one cheap mcm backpack and one point if it lands on the platform without falling off. However, if you cut more than one hole in your wood, you will want to make one of the holes smaller than the other. This smaller hole will be worth three points and the larger hole will be worth one point. Again, if a player’s throw lands and stays on the platform, they will receive one point for their toss.

Creating the bean bags is where you have some creative wiggle room. You want to use a durable fabric that cheap mcm bags will last many games. Cotton is a good choice of fabric to use when creating your bean bags. Remember to select two different colored fabrics or two types that have different prints so you can tell each team’s bags apart. This will make it easier to keep score and know who is winning the game.

Paint Your Game

After you have hammered together the wood pieces to create your playing surface, you will want to stain or paint the wood. By painting your bean bag game, you will prolong the life of the wood and prevent it from getting ruined should it ever be left out overnight or caught in a rainstorm. If you have children that are going to be using your game, there is a good chance that they will forget to put the game away one night, leaving it outside in the morning dew. If your wood is not treated and continually gets wet, you will find your game will warp rather easily and not be as fun to play.

Also, when you paint the wood surface of your bean bag game, you will be able to put your personal touch on your game. Many people enjoy playing bag toss at tailgates, so you may think about painting your favorite team’s log on your game. Or you could even paint a replica of your team’s field or stadium. The possibilities are endless when it comes decorating your bean bag game.

One of the great things about bag toss is that the game is easy to make on your own. You do not need to spend a lot of money to own your own bag toss game. With just a few pieces of wood, some durable cloth, and beans or corn to fill your bean bags, you will be able to create your own game of bag toss that everyone in your family can enjoy.

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